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Desmond Toh has been in the property industry since 2008 and since then, the quiet and unassuming man has been charting new frontiers in his real estate career. A multiple-award winner who has moved up the ranks in double-quick time, the ex-IT specialist applies his analytical capacity in a wide spectrum of property cases, helping clients fulfil their real estate needs in a methodical yet personable manner so exemplary of this resolute yet unobtrusive achiever.


Before embarking on his current career in real estate, Desmond had been an IT support specialist for close to a decade before making the switch. The process of purchasing an HDB flat for himself opened his eyes to the possibility of a real estate career.

“I saw first-hand what a career in real estate is all about. It isn’t as easy as it appears, and as an introvert, I had serious considerations about my viability in the industry.”

Yet, the promise of a rewarding career, as well as the possibility of helping others in making one of the biggest decisions in their lives, was simply too hard to resist. As such, in 2008, and under the mentorship and tutelage of the agent who helped him in the procurement of his house, Desmond made the move into the real estate industry.


As it would turn out, Desmond’s initial fears about his viability in the real estate industry proved to be unfounded, even if he considered his introversion a handicap. His personable disposition soon endeared him to his clients, who found him approachable and helpful.

His experience in the IT industry also came in handy, since Desmond was able to apply an analytical approach while assisting his clients in their real estate needs. Very soon, Desmond was able to carve a unique niche for himself, where clients who have used his services would become the greatest supporters of his real estate career.


Desmond is well-versed in the sale and purchase of a wide spectrum of Singapore property, ranging from the HDB to the private residential market. His focus areas include:

·         District 3, which comprises of Tiong Bahru, Redhill and Queenstown;

·         District 4 in the HarbourFront precinct; and

·         the following condominiums: Queens, The Anchorage, Meraprime, Central Green Condo, The Metropolitan, Ascentia Sky, Tanglin View, Caribbean @ Keppel Bay.

As a systematic and methodical individual, Desmond believes in taking his clients through the real estate sale and purchase process from the beginning to the end. He oversees the entire process from understanding his clients’ requirements and engaging in proactive marketing, to negotiating the best price possible and closing the deal.

Leveraging his wide business network, Desmond strives to add value to his clients by facilitating bank loans and insurance applications as well as connecting them to reputable renovation contractors, interior designers and other services where necessary.

Accolades And Awards

Since joining the real estate industry in 2008, Desmond has received numerous awards. He was counted among the top producers in 2010 and 2011, and he rose from the position of an Associate Manager to Team Associate Director within 3 years.

He is now an Assistant Associate Division Director with PropNex, and is part of Powerful Negotiators, the champion team.

A patient, resourceful and more importantly, a trustworthy person, Desmond is privy to client accolades such as these:

“I have found Mr Desmond Toh to be very efficient in his work. He is also sincere and reliable in his dealings with his customers.” ~ Ong Tai Song, Queens Owner

“He (Desmond) showed tenacity which helped to close the deal. He has helped me to buy a home within my budget and in the location of my choice. Thank you very much for the huge effort and professionalism which have impressed me the most. The house is now a warm and serene place for my family to live in.” ~ Mrs Loh, Anchorage owner.


To Desmond, the factors that determine whether an individual is going to make it in the real estate industry are as follows:

·         Time management;

·         Management of clients’ expectations;

·         Adoption of a consultative mindset;

·         Hard work; and

·         Determination

He also believes in the principles behind SMRT, which is an acronym for:

·         S – Skill set

·         M – Mindset

·         R – Rehearsal/Retention/Review

·         T – Tool Set

New and experienced Real Estate Salespersons who join him are assured of his patient and meticulous coaching, while having access to the extensive training platform offered by Powerful Negotiators, the champion team in PropNex.


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